Software solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Medical information call center transformation

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Pharmacovigilance compliance reporting

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Artificial intelligence for business productivity

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Medical Information Call Center Transformation

TrominoSoft provides software tools and automated methods to manage your case life-cycle.
Go to Smart case automation

Smart case automation

Ingest diverse information formats into a uniform standard

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Safety database integration

Make your critical information easily accessible

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Automated speech recognition

Enable convenient and hands-free translation

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Reporting and compliance

Make insights and reporting easy and flexible

About TrominoSoft

Leverage our advanced tools, expert resources and experienced professionals

Robust software for the pharmaceutical industry

TrominoSoft is led by technology leaders and domain experts. Our deep roots in the pharmaceutical industry hold the strong foundations of our futuristic software.

Technology expertise backed by deep domain experience

Our technical and functional synergies enable us to overcome any blind spots faced by generic technology companies building specialized software.

Focus on user experience and consistent compliance

Your compliance journeys need not be as complicated and time consuming as they used to be. With TrominoSoft, the roadblocks are taken care of.

Access our solutions from any device, any browser, from anywhere

TrominoSoft keeps our valuable clients informed with the latest information in the pharmaceutical business and the technology sector.

Managing Regulation with Software Automation

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a rapid pace of innovation, but the challenges of pharmacovigilance pose a risk of slowing down the business. The rate of new drug discovery is impeded by dynamic changes in compliance requirements. The speed of business is impacted by regulatory timelines. Forward thinking pharma companies are looking to automate the vigilance case life cycle - from creation, storage and transformation to data delivery. The advancements in technology enables companies to achieve their goals of maintaining innovation and meeting regulation, by implementing software automation solutions that eliminates human error and accelerates business decisions.

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