September 13, 2018



The TrominoCARE system automates the day to day activities of medical information call centers. Our product helps in streamlining the processes within TrominoCARE with well-orchestrated and customizable workflows.

The TrominoCARE system is designed to handle all types of cases related to Medical Inquiry, Product Quality Complaints, and Adverse Events. The application also integrates with medical dictionaries for easy medical coding.  

TromioCARE-Mobile is a mobile application for Medical Sales Representatives, Medical Field Teams, and healthcare professionals to quickly capture and report medical inquires, product complaints, and adverse events.


TrominoCARE Features


Process Automation

  • Fully automated process flows
  • Handle all types of Cases – MI/ PQC/ AE
  • Customizable workflows to suit your requirements
  • Seamless flow of information across functions
  • Easy to record and track events

Smart Case Management

  • Easy for CROs to transform processes as per client needs
  • Smart and intelligent ability to code with the MedDRA versions
  • Handle cases from various sources Telephone, Fax, Email, Voice
  • Provision for QA scoring and rating for each case

Safety Database Integration

  • Integrates with safety database
  • MICC data is Safety database compliant.
  • Easy to set up without losing productivity
  • Prevents loss of information

Reporting and Compliance

  • GDPR compliant
  • Seamless reporting, customizable to your needs
  • Auto generate reports for compliance e.g. Field Alert Reports
  • Data Integrity, Audit Trails and Compliance as per FDA regulations – CGMP.

TrominoCARE – Mobile

  • Mobile App for Medical Sales Rep’s and Medical Field Teams to capture and report medical inquires, product complaints and adverse events.
  • Offline capability to capture critical information at remote locations.
  • Integrates with any Safety and Medical Information Call Center Systems.

Automated Speech Recognition

  • Speech to text conversion tools
  • Supported in all major browsers
  • Responsive design that works well in all devices
  • Flexibility in handling data of all formats

Achieve consistent compliance with regulatory requirements

Identify and evaluate safety signals accurately by eliminating human error

Layer 1

Make the compliance process frictionless

The business functions that are involved in managing compliance are fluently brought together to achieve the final goal. From receiving compliance requirements to processing information through all communication channels, till validation from subject matter experts and rollout of the final report, TROMINOSOFT does it for you.

Designed to scale with your business

TROMINOSOFT automates every step of compliance process with user-friendly software interfaces that eliminate any scope for manual errors and speeds up the regulatory journey. Manage your clinical and post-marketing pharmacovigilance cases and medical information related to your products.

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Seamlessly collect and analyze clinical trial data

Conduct clinical trials systematically and automatically, without scope for human errors. Our software, custom-built for safety and vigilance functions, enables your compliance teams to achieve regulatory due diligence.

Monitor and Manage Safety Data

Take the challenge out of analyzing safety data through TrominoSoft automation. Identify the relationships between drugs and adverse drug reactions (ADRs) through automated tabulations and management of business data.

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Build for compliance across regulations

Meet regulatory compliance through automated processes for accessing requirements and meeting safety standards.

Address safety concerns through integrated

data models


Safety, Agility, Stability

Efficient clinical safety and pharmacovigilance programs

Eliminate repeat data entry and
automate case processing

Centralized system for global lookup of safety issues

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