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TrominoSoft provides specialized software products and information technology solutions for the life sciences industry. Over the years, TrominoSoft has grown a team of domain experts, technology architects, and software developers focused on building solutions to automate processes and operations in the life sciences industry.

Our extensive experience and grasp of the needs of the life sciences business offers us a distinct advantage in building solutions that keep up with the industry’s constantly evolving regulations.

Our ability to bridge the gap between business demands and technology to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations is made possible by the combination of our technical skill set and business understanding.

Balancing regulation with innovation, we are at the forefront of rapid changes that the software world is witnessing. Our solutions are designed for flexibility and scalability.

Envisioning and Empowering


Create innovative solutions for a sustainable future and contribute towards development of technologies that comply with regulations. 



Design software to eliminate human error, develop applications to enable automation of manual tasks and build platforms to scale business.



Domain Experience

TrominoSoft has decades of domain experience in the life sciences industry. We collaborate with multiple life sciences companies.

Software Expertise

Our technical team has worked in the best corporations and helped build software platforms based on advanced technologies.