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Custom Applications Development

An organization can benefit from efficiencies of time and accuracy through the deployment of software that is custom built to meet its specific needs. TrominoSoft can build web and mobile applications for your business which can assist in traversing the everchanging needs of the life-sciences industry. We not only can design, develop and deploy software applications rapidly, but also provide post deployment support to maintain the relevancy of the software.

IT Asset Management

IT asset management has become an important aspect for any organization in order to reduce costs. Outdated IT equipment and software increase the organization’s costs. A solid SOP can assist the organization in reducing time and expenses associated with the management of the company’s IT assets. TrominoSoft team can assist in establishing a well-rounded SOP and implent it to maintain both hardware and software assets at peak performance levels.

ERP Implementation

ERP is vital for the smooth operation of an organization and the connectivity of its various departments. For the ERP to be fully utilized, competent ERP selection and implementation are required. An ERP partner examines the entire organization to determine which solution settings will have the biggest impact and recommend designs and offerings that may not have been considered. Our team of experienced ERP implementation specialists can guide in selecting the best ERP software and successfully implement it.

Computer Systems Validation

Regulated companies carry out validation of software or computerized systems to demonstrate that that they are fit for their intended purpose and meet current regulatory requirements. As per Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, Computer System Validation or Software Validation is required for computerized systems used to create, modify, maintain, archive, retrieve, or transmit clinical data intended for submission to the FDA. TrominoSoft team can devise and implement a validation plan which best suits the organization’s IT infrastructure.

eQMS Implementation

Electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) software enables life science companies in the paperless assessment and management of product or service quality while meeting regulatory requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP, etc. Life-sciences industries must adhere to stringent industry-specific regulatory norms and TrominoSoft team can assist in selection and implementation of eQMS software that will ensure the highest product quality while meeting all regulatory standards.

IT Support and Services

Any organization that uses software will require support, whether it is for security, email, data storage, backup, etc. Because of the strict guidelines that govern the IT infrastructure in the life sciences business, this support is crucial. Having the right assistance in place will guarantee that an organization runs as securely and efficiently as possible. TrominoSoft team will take care of the routine maintainence and end-user issues so that the organization personnel can focus on projects that provide value to their business.