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TrominoCARE Medical Information Call Center Software

The TrominoCARE system automates the day-to-day activities of medical information call centers. It possesses a single, feature-rich database that supports overall life cycle management of Medical Information Call Center (MICC) operations.

The TrominoCARE solution is designed to handle multiple types of calls related to medical inquiry, product quality complaints, and adverse events.

Scalable Cloud-based Medical Information Call Center Software

TrominoCARE is a responsive software that adapts to devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops alike. The web-based application can be accessed from any device.

TrominoCARE is a scalable cloud-based (SaaS) solution designed to handle multiple clients while maintaining strict confidentiality for personnel involved in client call operations.  

Key Features and Capabilities


Automated Call Setup


Call Handling Workflows


Compliance Reporting

TrominoCARE Capabilities

Process Automation

TrominoCARE - Mobile

Reporting and Compliance

Smart Call Management

Safety Database Integration

Automated Speech Recognition

Built for compliance across regulations

MICC and MICC Mobile can be set up to instantly generate reports for regulatory compliance as per multiple standards. E2B R3 Compliance: ICH, FDA, EMA, PMDA and 21 CFR 11, HIPAA compliance

Address safety concerns through integrated data management

Continuous surveillance of vaccines

Handle and report any number of adverse events

Assessment of vaccine, drugs, and devices failures

Create models for assessment of signals